My navigation bar doesn't load in the correct position the first time it is accessed through chrome and firefox. When you land on the page for the first time you have to use a secondary navigation I set up, and then return to the index page for the primary nav bar to be in the correct position. Once the page has been accessed and you return the page seems to load fine. Any ideas? you can view the issue @

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I didnt see any issues other than it shifting to the left-right. If this is what you are talking about it is because some of your pages do not fit within the viewport so the scroll bar appears on the right side of the screen. when that happens, things shift left.

To remedy this, you can force to have the scroll bar visible regardless of the content on the screen. html { overflow-y: scroll }

other than that, I didnt see or experience any issues.

no errors / issues for me either

Strange! It does seem to be working now in firefox however when I clear my browser history and reload the site in chrome the issue is still occuring.

Are you sure you were reffering to the correct Nav?

Upon landing in the index page there is a primary Navigation bar that should appear in the header on the right side. It is still showing around 100 to 150px below it's intended x-position inside of the blue header, but the Y-position seems to be correct. This occurs with a browser history cleared of the site info. It does rectify once you navigate from the index page and then return or you simply refresh the page.

Ok, i see it now. When you first land on the site the nav menu is below the intended position. I couldnt see it because the text is white. When you refresh the page, it moves to the correct position.

I compared the styling that is applied for both the first landing and the refresh and they seem to be identical.

The only thing i see that i'm not familiar with is this in your CSS file, you have this at the top of the sheet.

@charset "UTF-8";
/* CSS Document */{

    margin: 0 auto 0 auto;

I would tend to think this issue has something to do with your style sheet. I cant seem to figure it out just by looking at the markup. If you cant figure it out, you may want to setup a mirror of this, start with an empty page, empty style sheet, add in the navigation menu first. If its fine, then continue to add in stuff until the problem returns.

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