What matters when creating a website ?

you as a user what attracts you to visit a website ?

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you as a user what attracts you to visit a website ?

Speed and clarity.

User And Seo Friendly..is Main Factor While creating Website.

Content - why else would I visit a web site?

what about graphics and colour schemes ?

doesnt that attract users ?

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Uniqueness. Why surf data clones?
Colour schemes and themes doesn't bother me too much - content must be unique or if not unique, presented in a highly usuable manner, setting it apart from the competition.

Faceballs deserves to die a horrible, abrupt death IMO.

hahahaha true ,a website must be unique and different but to some people its all about attraction and what makes them want to enter the webiste

Accessibility ... Can it be read and navigated by anyone?

User Experiance ... Can I find what I want fast. Can I view it on my ... (Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Is the content relevent to what the site is about?

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