Hello everyone i really need some help about my website structure.. i have almost the full website but the structure is too bad and i cannot continue working... is there some good man/women to help me about it ?

There are quite a few of us on here that would be willing to help. Is there a test site we can view?
What is the exact nature of the problem?

Yup there is a website www.upstrey.com just you need to register, its not needed an correct email address and verification steps... or if you want you can connect with theese login details:
Email: asdf@gmail.com
Password: asdf1234

So i want to look more natural and styled and when zooming not to disorient the elements, the shared tickets not to go under the menuand to be good oriented.. i know too much i want but i really have no knowledge in html... also if you know how to work with some framework ex. bootstrap feel free to use it :)

Based on my experience, you would probably set the body with a fixed width like 1000px with margin:auto; where it will fixed the content width to 1000px and centered. With this, the layout will not be distorded due to your float:left condition. If you wish to be more flexible, then you should probably research the responsive layout route.

But i want the menu to be on the left side like its now btw i really need help from someone i can't do it by my self because i don't really know much html and css and the structure is too bad like i said but not that complicated so i just need someone who know how to rearange the code... if someone know any program which will help me to do that or if someone really wants to help me please reply.

Add this code to your styles.css `body{width:1300px;margin:auto;}
See if the result is what you want.

Well yeah, thank you for this its kinda what i want but not complite.. :D i know noone will help me for free but i can guarantee he will be paid after because i dont really have any money right now and also he can earn to be co-owner of the site and get paid of google adsense banners.. who knows maybe will be usefull site after all... thank you. :)
I know also you will say he is lying or he will scam me.. you have my word i will not do that.

  • Stefan

Stefan, everybody here wants to help you with issues you have while developing or designing your site and will be happy if they can guide you in the right direction, but I don't think you will find someone here that will just layout/develop your website for nothing or take the deal you offer.

I'm sure lots of us here started by reading, learning, experimenting and asking at fora at points where we get stuck to get better, but this takes time. You know the saying: "learn to walk, before you run".

Since you don't have money to invest either you could try fiverr

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These forums are mainly used for learning purposes. They're not really for business deals. As GM states, we are all here ready to help you to help yourself. That's for free, but what we won't do is do all the work for you.

IMO, only a fool would take on a job as described. I don't think any professional in any field would take on a job if they knew the client had no money, but just promised to pay them sometime in the future. No contract. No guarantees. No comebacks. If you get somebody to do it, remember, you pay peanuts and you get monkeys. In your case, you're not even paying peanuts, so Dog knows what flavour of imbecile you'd end up attracting.

To my view, if you want to work seriously, you must turn to ‘competent sites’ or other sources, which help you to resolve your problem! And in general, there are many other ways of ‘better creation of your site’! I can advise you ‘to use the free website builders’ <link snipped> and I’m sure that you will be happy with your choice!) Here are many ‘variants’ as ‘to force your site to work on your side’, as ‘profit by it’ and also, you easy will achieve your goal enjoying your work!) Make your dreams come true!) I wish you good luck! =)

@alisajjad160 i need help with the html and css also.. i have the whole code but i need just someone to rearange and to clean up a bit.

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His account has been suspended. Take care.

Can you explain your issue here. Your account doesn't seem to be working (may be banned).

@AndrewRoosevelt hmm the account works fine but anyway... okey first of all i want a better design for my website (on every screen size to look as it is), secound my code is a little messed up (the HTML, CSS and PHP are on the same file) third i dont know how to make the tickets to can be sended to users... but thats not for this discussion.. hope you understand me :)
Here is an example how i want to look but like i said to be the same on every screen size: http://oi61.tinypic.com/vncw0p.jpg (BTW it look like this right now but NOT on every screen size).

I suggest using a CMS (Content Management System) such as Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

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