I am using bxslider within an AJAX call which brings up the chrome console error - Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined.

My issue is that the whole thing works fine exactly as it should on my pc but this error is annoying me as, obviously, jquery is defined - otherwise it wouldn't work.

Anybody else come across this issue?

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Unfortunately not online anywhere yet as I want to get it right before uploading to the servers. I am still working on the site to get rid of all the bugs.

I only really wanted to know if anybody had come across this kind of issue in the Chrome console. Should I believe it? Should I ignore it?

I guess, when I have totally finished, I shall just have to upload it and see.


Unless you show your code (js), then it's unlikely anybody will be able to help you. ESP is a dying art.


I suspect it would be far too complicated for someone who can't read the question.


Well it all depends on your references and how jQuery has been implemented - e.g. - function() or function($), etc. Do you have multiple references to jQuery?

So, your call. You can be a clever dick while asking for help, in which case contributors will tell you to go screw yourself, or you can help yourself and provide the information requested.


I guess I'll screw myself and find the answer elsewhere.


Fine, your choice, but we're all here ready to help if you change your mind.

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