Hi, few days ago i downloaded a website so that i customize and run it in my localhost, buy when i run it in my localhost i get this javascript window which says, the page at localhost says the following image failed to load, probably a broken link: http://localhost/menuData/images/over.png but when i go to that path the image is there. Also the other thing is that in that website there is slide show which has two part in left side there is caption while right side there is picture but the caption side has an png image which has black background which i just uploaded here, so my question is if you want to add new picture which software should i use to edit and write word at the caption image.png

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This site you "downloaded". Can you provide a link? I'm assuming it's a template site. You haven't just downloaded somebody's site and are trying to rip it off?

Is the folder localhost on your website server, or on your PC.

The server does not have access to your PC.

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This thread is a month old. No reply from OP. I assume this is now dead. I may be wrong.

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