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Hello. Noobie question. I am trying to figure out whether the following tasks are possible in front end development using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

When Text box/Date box field is entered, it should be connected to all other relevant fields -- auto populate other relevant "textbox/date box" fields

When one checkbox is entered, it should check other checkbox as well.

when clicking a button, it should take the user to the different part of the same web page

Create exception rules where a field should be entered a value between a numerical range and a set character

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Yes to all. However, the linking of data is conditional.

If the data is present already in a variable for example - no problem. However, when a date is changed and you need to get data from the server in response to that change, then yes, the code you need may still be "just js" as long as server-side code or files already exist that can respond to the js request - Ajax is an example of this tech.

Thanks for your response. I have been unsuccessful in finding a perfect example using HTML/JavaScript (Front-end). Please can you give me an example of autopopulating a field after it is entered in one textbox.

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Are you using a lib like jQuery or just straight javascript?

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