Hello everyone, I'm new and this looks like a great place ... I was wondering where I could find some Menu Fly Outs on the site as I have looked in the Code Snippets and Website Design areas but didn't find anything. Thanks for you help. Arch

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Dunno what you mean =\
Is it something like a ToolTip?

Thanks for the interest ... what I mean is this ...

For Example:
on my website www.ActionGiftBaskets.com
I'm trying to make it so that when visitors move the mouse over the "Categories" link a drop down menu comes out for them to choose from further options (Links) ... and then when they move the mouse off the "Categories" link it disappears again ... I believe they are called Fly Outs or Menu Fly Outs or something like that ... I'm not the best with my nemenclature so that is probably where I am losing you ... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! Great site!

P.S. I just noticed that if you click on your user name on this site out comes a 'fly out' menu of additional options (Links)...this is what I am referring too ... Thanks again in advance!


You will need to use DHTML or CSS to code that i think. There are a lot of tutorials just search. www.tutorialized.com might help.

Thanks ... I am using Frontpage 2003 ... what is DHTML or CSS code? Thanks Arch

I dont use front page but as far as i know its not possible to do with any WYSIWYG editors.

Thanks ... I know it's easy to do when you know how to do it ... it's nothing that hard ... anyone else know? Thanks Arch

I suppose you like to do something like in this website http://www.blueyonder.co.uk/ (top navigation menu)

The best way to do it is using CSS. You may want to download the CSS of this website to do some homework on it. Once you master CSS, it should be fairly straightforward with careful planning.

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