I have frames page. In ("index.php"="main.php"+"button.php"+"banner.php") format. Using Apache 2.0.

The problem is, when I open a link in the home page, it opens in the main fram, as I want, but the address in the address-bar does not change, remains "http://localhost/site/index.php". Always stays as is.

What can be the mistake I have done?

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My is problem has nothing concerned with PHP. I have a HTM version of the Website, and that causes the same problem. I think, it is becuse of frame pages.

Please, someone help me!


This is expected. The address bar shows the address of the page the user is on, which in the case of frames, is the frameset page. Since the user isn't navigating away from the frameset page, the URL in the address bar doesn't change.


What is the sollution?
How can I make the address of the page change?


There isn't a solution unless there's a problem: nothing "wrong" is happening. What you're experiencing is a by-product of the way frames work. I would suggest you go to the PHP forum and inquire about "URL rewrite" or mod_rewrite, or search the internet for those terms.

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