Is this possible to make the site images being loaded and then appear suddenly?

cause the style have many photos so while it being loaded it appear photo after photo and this is to silly.

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The method you want to use is called a preloader. You can find 682,000 different articles on preloaders here. In many cases though users prefer to see the page load rather than just watching a blank screen saying wait... You will see that very few professional websites use them.

Yes, by using prloaders you can solve this issue. Good Luck

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I have had issues using the preloader as Roryt stated. I find that many of my visitor left while waiting for the page. The only way I could see it working is to have very small images that would load quickly.

In optimizing my performance meaning having my pages load in the very fast category I have choosed not to use the preloader. When I initially did that I found the my user retenting and CTR improved significantly

I agree with u

And in the meantime, I hit my BACK button.

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