i have created websites for clients for some time now but recently i have found it difficult to add that little extra to a project to make it unique from all those that surround it. I wanted to know what you lot do to get the old juices flowing and design a website. How you motivate yourself, get the cogs turning and get into the creative spirit.

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Visit a website and ask "How can I do it better?"

The ideas aren't hard for me, it's the time and desire to program.

I think keep in mind the goals and the objective of the site before starting...
And think openly what will suit to this site as business prospective....browse some similar kind of website which will help you in your creative thinking....And then finally give a shape to your ideas :) and you are done..

Ideas just came out of no where. just sit on it and think then boom...
i hope its "that" easy.. sorry for this reply., i know its out of date.. i just cant help it...

get into the customer shoes and start convincing yourself ...ideas will start popping out

all the best

Try holding a compact fluorescent light bulb over your head. :icon_idea:

Ideas actually require the use of the brain.

i am a schoolar but i want to do some thing in my life so i want to start a new thing make a new thing but i dnt know any thing about life yet so i want a littel support by learning me haw to make my life better

The ideas always comes from human mind we can create it our-self.

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