Without using frames, is it possible to load a html page within a certain area of another html page?

To hopefully make my question a little clearer, I am trying to write a website where I could have the site's logo an navigation system be saved on a certain file, and have all of the other pages on the site load that file so if I want to make a change, I won't need to rewrite the code on every page on the website. I know this is possible with frames, but I'm not really a fan of them and was wondering if there is any other way to do this.

Thank you!

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you can yes

e.g if you have a static page holding links in the left frame and you want the right pane to go to whatever link they click in the left pane then you can target one frame from another with something like:

<A href="page.html" target="contentframe">Link Description</A>

this only works if you give your frames proper names

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Original Question specifically says "Without using Frames".

- you could use iframes (inline frames) but i wouldn't suggest it, this situation pertains better to frames if its a choice between the two;

- you can get a certain amount of 'global control' using sitewide stylesheets, but often not enough;

- beyond that, using some PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP, XSLT, etc at the server to glue parts of pages together works, with a fair degree of control;

- avoid using client-side Javascript or XSLT to do this, it doesn't make good sense;

- alternatively, if you don't have a need or desire for pages to be created everytime they are accessed, use any kind of programming / transformation language or other technology to prepare your pages from mutliple sources offline.

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Good answer.
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