I got a problem I'm trying to make every thing on my page look good and be able to make it move and fit a diffent resolution but at the same time not wrap my page in a table? I'm useing a stlye sheet too (http://www.kc8onw.net/~jacob/mainpage) any help would bo nice and thanks. :) :)

Use a table to make the basic layout.. you could find similar websites and just view the source to see how they did their layout, then do the same thing for your site. The standard resolution that most people have nowadays is 1024x768, so as long as your site looks on this resolution, you should be OK.

Well i got it fixed so thank's for the help

You're welcome.:mrgreen:

Just to chime in...

You might want to consider removing all those grey borders, they are just too thick.

Add a little more advanced graphics its simple and plain.. Its screaming for help.

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