Hi Everyone,

I'm in a lot of trouble :o

When I moved everything over to my new HD, I put DW MX 2004 on my computer & something happened to my template.

It's not showing all the images the way it did b4.

Please Please if someone knows DW 2004 really really well, can you please help me to fix it.

I have no way to change my site. :eek:

You can PM or IM me

Thanks at ton in advance.


Can you be more detailed about the problem?

If your images have disappeared, then the directory structure might have changed, or the cache might need to be re-created, try clicking the menu button in the Files bar and choosing Recreate cache from the Site menu.

Or, I might be completely wrong... :)


I suggest you to check the path of your images. Just click on "code" tab or check the path in "src" in properties panel in Dreamweaver. The chances are that you might have changed drive names (C, D or E) in new HD.
(for examples: file:///E|/foldername/images/imagename.jpg)