I have just about had a melt down tonight!
A very good client of mine has their site distorted due to the IE7 inablity to read the iFrame within their site.
The site worked fine in Ie6.
The site uses iFrames to show off some of their goods found in their store.
Has anyone found a way to make these things work?
The site is written in CSS with iFrames added in. The site was developed using Expression Web.
To view please visit http://www.urbanescapeinc.comI want to address this BEFORE they become aware of the issue as good customer relations.
Thanks in advance.
PS I did do the Security Setting change and still nothing changed.

It's funny how after you sleep on something it just comes to you. The issue was not around the iFrames at all. It was within the CSS in the space alloted for the header. All is working as it should.

You should still be having trouble. Frames are deprecated in XHTML, which is the doctype you chose.

I know that is the very strange part. The pages now look as they do in IE 6. i can't explain it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Your browser dropped into quirks mode because the content violated the doctype. It is no longer rendering XHTML on the page.

Use the W3C validator found here:


Thank you for the link. I used a pre-set CSS style sheet and obviously overlooked the simplest reason. But then the question - why did it display properly in IE 6 with these unvalidated areas?

IE6's quirks mode is different from IE7's.