Hello Everybody,

Can anyone please tell me how we can create a 3d home design application in flash with furnitures and then can we rotate it at run time.

say if i am using a 3d home flash application, i have arrange the chair of my room (view in front)

now i want to see it in (left view)

Is this all possible only in flash or we have to take help of any other third party software

Pls. help me because this is really challenging situtation.....

you would probably require a database to hold all your furntiure details which would then require a server side language to retrieve these details.
and yes you can do perspective changes in flash albeit it is not really a perspective change at all. You do not require a plugin to make 3d flash apps but it is highly recommended if you are new or even intermediate level with flash as it is quite difficult to get your head around. 3d flash

Well Flash is 2d oriented. To make 3d movies you have two options. Firstly use your brain and mathematics skills, particularly trigonometry and analytical geometry. But this is damn damn difficult. So go for second option use plug ins. Here is nice tutorial introducing you with that

Personally, I would say go for Macromedia Director, since its 3d oriented and task would be easier.

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Your query is totally different from the topic of this thread. You should have started a new thread. Also since this a public forum, not a chat room punctuate your sentence correctly.

The site seems to be flash one, though just seen it loading, but its pretty obvious. So if you know flash well you will perhaps get drift automatically. Try searching www.google.com for website development in flash. Will give loads of good results. If you get into any trouble, post a thread here, you'll surely get a reply.