Can somebody give me an advice of resolution.I have 1GBPS Bandwidth speed for my Internet Cafe. I have 31 Desktop PCs I have a managed network Switch that my 30 computers are connected on the Switch plus 1 Network Video Recorder for my CCTVs

My router has 2 LAN cables on the back 1 for the PC where the computer controls and monitors the activity of the 20 computers and has control to the CCTVs and 1 NVR
The Problem is Let us say one PC is downloading a huge File (e.g. Video or Software app) the other PC will have greater PING and will have lower speeds on the other PCs that only streams on the web.

Please help me.

While you have a managed switch you don't seem to have an appliance to manage bandwidth per user.

I don't see what you think your options are but will give a nod to implementing a SQUID server for your users. It has many features that I won't get into here or later. But it does seem to be a great solution as not only the bandwidth control but caching to maximize your internet connection.

Need more information? Use the usual search engines and

Again, there are discussions about bandwidth control with this appliance.

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