Lord knows I could do with shedding a pound or 50, but it never occurred to me that WiFi could help me do that. However, according to a press release that arrived today it would appear to be the case. Some French technology outfit has launched a set of WiFi enabled weight scales which uses an iPhone app that enables users to monitor body weight as well as lean and fat mass (whatever they may be) on their smartphone.

Withings claims that the WiFi Body Scale is a world first and transforms a regular bathroom scale into a connected health monitoring system allowing anyone access to a range of secure online service to automatically record their body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index.

"We strive to bring innovation, design and technology to everyday objects through a wireless connection to the internet and we feel the WiFi Body Scale truly delivers on all fronts" said Cedric Hutchings, Withings General Manager.

Uhuh. Trouble is, it is a rather expensive set of scales at UKP £119 and to be honest you can buy an awful lot of cakes for the same money. Seriously though, you could also spend a little extra and buy a Nintendo Wii with the Wii Fit stuff and maybe get into shape using technology (although this is not without some risk itself) rather than just get depressed watching how little weight you are losing by sitting looking at a web page.