Is this the world's biggest iPad case?

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Plenty of space for everything you might need in the classroom or at a meeting.
It's larger than a laptop! Cost.
If you fancy a 'folio' type case for your iPad then there is plenty of choice on the market, but do you really need to spend $79.99 to get the results you want? The Kensington Folio Trio 'Mobile Workstation' turns the relatively slim and sexy iPad into something bigger than your laptop yet not as easy to use.

The Kensington Folio Trio Mobile Workstation for new iPad and iPad 2 is rather a large title for what is actually just a case. Mind you, it's also rather a large case. This thing is absolutely huge. No, seriously, it's actually bigger in all dimensions than my laptop. This thing is 14" by 11", and 1.5" thick with an iPad in. Throw in a pen, some paper and a few documents along with that iPad and I found myself with something weighing more than 5lbs to lug around. Compare that with the perfect 10/10 Kensington KeyFolio Pro case which I reviewed for DaniWeb a month ago weighing just 2.1lbs with an iPad and a keyboard inside. The Folio Trio weighs more than that when it is empty! It's also faux-leather, which I approve of being vegan myself, but unfortunately faux-leather which feels (and smells for that matter) rather cheap.

The Folio Trio is, then, certainly no thing of beauty. However, the fact that it is marketed as a mobile workstation for your iPad 2 or 3 does rather suggest that it is the function rather than form that is important. Which begs the question, what's it like from the functionality perspective. I know, it's a bit weird talking about functionality when the object is just a case, but perhaps that's the point: is this more than just a case to carry your iPad around in? The answer is a bit yes and no I'm afraid. Yes, there's a ring binder into which a letter or A4 sized paper pad can be inserted. Yes, there are slots to accommodate business cards, credit cards and an ID badge (well three of them plus the ID bit). Yes, there are flaps to keep documents stored safely as long you they are only a few sheets of paper long. And, yes, there are a couple of loops for keeping pens in. But, at the end of the day, it's just a very big case for an iPad which comes with a few storage flaps.

Don't be put off by some reviews which have appeared online that, I assume, must actually refer to an older version of the case and talk about an overload of velcro to get your iPad in and out of the thing. This case has only two velcro fasteners, and they are to release and fix the 'stand' mechanism that lets you position the iPad at an optimum angle, be it horizontal or vertical. Like the KeyFolio Pro case this is multi-angle and I defy you to not be able to get a comfortable viewing position for the iPad with it. Also, like the KeyFolio Pro, this case uses the same single flap to tuck over and inside the iPad which quickly, quietly and securely does the job of keeping it in the case. The zip that closes the case in typical folio style has the look and feel of being able to last forever. The ring binder mechanism, though, is one of those very small ones and if you have average-sized fingers you may find them getting nipped when trying to get paper in and out.

![dweb-dweb-foliotrio4 My main criticism of this mobile iPad workstation, other than the size of the thing, has to be the cost. If it were first to market and addressing a unique need, then the $79.99 price tag might just be justified. But it isn't; the idea of a folio case for the iPad is certainly not new, and there are plenty of designs out there to choose from. The iLuv CEOFolio carries the same price tag, but the ZooGue BinderPad and Griffin Insert are both functioning folio cases costing less than half as much. You might not get quite the same amount of document storage, but this comes with a saving in both cash outlay and sheer bulk.

There is a lot to like about the way the Kensington Folio Trio is put together, and it could be just what you are looking for if you are a student or business person requiring a one-case solution for iPad, notepad and documents. The trouble is, I can't help feeling that the iPad was meant to replace the need to carry a pen and paper around, or documents for that matter. The size and cost of this case might not have been such an issue (who am I kidding, of course it would) if there was an integrated iPad keyboard included. But there isn't...

You can see a video of the Kensington Folio Trio case in action here.

Daniel Jones 0 Newbie Poster

i have seen many iPad cases but the best I found was having keyboard enables in it. Since iPad is in itself is a complete device but that case lets me use it as a laptop.

happygeek 2,411 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

Daniel, see our review for the best iPad keyboard case ever. It got a pefrect 10/10 which was really well deserved. I have tried a lot of keyboard cases, and this one is head and shoulders above the competition. I should point out that I am a professional writer, have been for the last 20 years or so, and as such a keyboard has to be more than just sort of usable in order to get my recommendation :)

janan.behnam 0 Newbie Poster

Hi, I need to downloading the iPad flash player freely.

Janan Behnam

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