I have been using this wireless adapter for over a year now and in last few months it started freezing up my windows 2000 at any given time, sometimes I'm online for 6 hours and it will freeze, sometimes I'll turn the computer on (without even going online) and it freezes within 5 minutes.

Windows 2000 pro
service pack 4
Amd duron 1266 MHz
System Memory 384 MB (sdram)
linksys wireless G

Also i know it has something to due with the wireless adapter, because their have been plenty of times where i have had the PC on for 8-12 hours (while its defragmenting or playing games, Etc.) and its has not frozen. the entire time the wireless adapter was plugged in though.

ANY help at all is appreciated

From your experiences that you listed, I don't see how you conclusively decided that it's an issue with your wireless adapter. One way you can check is to remove the card and it's drivers from the system, install a wired NIC card, connect directly to the router using a cable, and try everything that you know usually causes a crash. If a crash happens, it's not the wireless card. Are you able to run this test?

Have you tried running scans to see if your computer has any virus or spyware issues? You can use the link in the bottom of my sig to clean up your machine.

well its like I said

it ONLY happens when I sign on to the USB WLAN monitor v2.0 other wise it doesn't happen, and I use the computer a lot.

and its only when I sign on, because the wireless adapter stays plugged in when I use the computer otherwise and it doesn't freeze.

so what else can it be ? I know it may be ant other program or something interfering with the adapter, but its only when I start up the adapter that a problem occurs

anyone have anything like this happen?

What do you mean by "sign in"? Typical wireless setups connect to the wireless access point as soon your system starts.

What's the model number of your wireless adapter?

"sign in" by refreshing to find the best signal and connect to it (i should have worded that better the first time)

could it have anything to do with the device overheating, or my computer supplying enough power?