I got a 20GB ipod about 6 weeks ago and a new pc at Christmas.
I have the latest version of itunes.
Initially I put my entire cd collection onto itunes and then was easily able to burn palylists to cd's , then listen to them in my car.
However, I have tried half a dozen times lately and cannot hear any sound when I put them in the car.
The tracks are there in mp3 format on the cd's and I can play them on my pc.
Any ideas - I've tried cd-rw and cd-r and am starting to panic and get annoyed.
Please help!!!
Is it something to do with my settings that i've inadvertantly altered?

The tracks are there in mp3 format on the cd's

Unless you've got an mp3-capable player in your car, you just answered your own question. ;)

The CD players in cars (and a lot of home stereos, for that matter) don't recognize the mp3 format; you have to burn your disks in the "Red Book" audio CD format. You must have changed the format setting in your burner software somewhere along the line.