When i power it on all the lights/indicators come on, as in the touch button controls above main keyboard, and they stay on for a bit then go off then come back on, i believe it is the motherboard but that i would check here to get your thoughts on this

Sounds Like the GPU overheated and de-soldered itself from the motherboard.. There are a lot of these out there. Check h.p.'s website to see if it's been re-called.

Had exactly the same problem it is the motherboard and it is a known fault with them cos i had the DV pavilion 9800, Luckally mine is under warenty So i sent mine back , althought HP tech support is shit so i contacted the vender i bought it off

I think your laptop power supply was fail.

I think your laptop power supply was fail.

Its not if you look at all the forums and problems people have had it is a known fault and has had a recall by HP

On a separate note I am so sick of HP DV's 3 problems in 3 years !

had the same problem with mine most likely the video chip if the power supplys good do all the lights come on before turning off if so its the chip i repaired mine for less than five dollars.

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