Well, I'm new to this site, but I was wondering if I could get some help on a Device I have.
here's out it goes, when I first got my USB Connector set up, everything was going great for a week, then I was told everytime I connected my DS one of the two computers in the house lost it's connection. So, my nefhew said he fixed the problem, but now my Nintendo DS has problems getting online. sometimes it connects, but after several tires, and I think one of the computers can't be in use. I'm also wondering if it's cause of my location, or the router I'm using.

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Check the settings on your router. Try changing them to channel 6 and G only as opposed to G & B. Sounds daft but the PSP had similar issues and that's what generally solved them.

Dazza :cool:

What kind of router are you using?

I know the PSP and DS both where having problems with some of the linksys routers.

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