My SAMSUNG mobile phone has faced to a virus attack(I think).It stucks sometimes.And sometimes it restarts automatically.When i connect it to my laptop & browse it's memory card,it shows a file calls "_UnqiueId.dat".I deleted that file.But when i reconnect the phone to laptop,it shows that file again.I think that file is a virus or something like that.Please anybody can help me to overcome this problem?

Hi pro learner, try posting this in the virus, spyware forums. experts there will be able to help you. Go to this link and psot your queries

have you try scanning your phone for a virus, if yes deleted it. Have you tried taking out the battery, SD card and SIM card and put them back again. Go to the link i posted You can consult more experts advise. Good luck

Thank you very much jingda,for your help.....definitely I'll try your link.

Hope you problem will be solved. I will visit your new thread

Greetings Obat Perangsang Wanita, we are pleased there is an article on how to fix a virus on the computer and mobile phone, thanks to its share really helped me in fixing computers and mobile phones

Better you format all your mobile data. Am a curious one for this kind of problem and it might be slow or hanging out due to lack of device memory.

I usually re-format my phone everytime i see any error on my phone. It will remove and reformat all the system entirely. But you can always install some antivirus app to scan the problems.

Try donwloading and installing antivirus, I am sure you can find a number of antivirus apps available !! :P

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