NEC has developed a thin, foldable battery to be used in cards or clothes, leading to new possibilities such as people walking through ticket gates with fare passes in their pockets.
The 0.3-millimeter (0.012-inch) thick battery can support tens of thousands of signal transmissions on a single charge and can be recharged in less than 30 seconds, NEC said.
The battery "will be used extensively in the future to power all kinds" of gadgets ranging from electronic paper to tags that trace retail goods in real-time, it said.


Great Idea to have a Memory Chip backup Device that runs on Simple Batteries:)

Sanho Electronics debuted their range of HyperDrive memory card backup devices at the 2K6 International CES. The HyperDrive HD80 and HyperDrive Mini are memory card backup devices, charging through 1GB worth of data in less than 2 mins. Both have native support for up to 8 memory cards

• Uses 4 pcs of AA size battery
• Intelligent fast battery charger (Charge 4 pcs 2500mAh NiMH AA in 3 hours approx.)

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