Ok I am sure this is going to stir the pot up a bit but I am looking to purchase a PDA.

I have dealt with many in the past as I am in the IT industry but believe it or not I have never actually OWNED one.

I am looking now for the best possible solution. I am an avid web designer/programmer/security analyst so having VPN services a keyboard and decent battery life is a must.

Inet is also a must. I currently runn my own Software Development company and have no plans on answering support questions via my PDA but I do want to be able to read the emrgency ones and reply fairly quickly.

I am the decision maker so if my staff needs a rpely I have to be fast with it.

What do you guys think?

I saw the HP4150 but it lacked a keyboard and I am not sure that is a good thing. I also saw the 4350 but this seems outdated since you cannot upgrade it.

Any thoughts regarding this matter are greatly appreciated. Also I am looking to purchase this as a Christmas gift... to um...myself... thats right...I am wrapping it up and giving it to myself for christmas.....yeah right if I get my hands on that thing wrapping it will be the furthest thing from my mind.

Hi, I Use A PDA, An XDA IIs
This Is A Windows Based PDA With A Mobile Phone Abilitys
Depending On Where You Are Located (Globally) May Be An Issue. Over Here (UK) There Are Many Variants:


They Are All The Same Just Different Branding.

They All (XDA IIs, MDA III, SPVM2000, Qtek 2020i) Support The Same Functions, WiFi, Bluetooth, IrDA, Best Of All - They Support Sat-Nav. Why Spend £300-400 On A Single Sat-Nav Unit When You Can Have A PDA/Mobile/Sat-Nav In One Unit For Less Than £300?

Try Looking On Ebay.co.uk/Ebay.com For These Units Either As XDA/MDA/Qtek/iMATE
I Would Reccomend These As A Replacement Or As A New Purchase.

Thanks for the Reply I am in the US.

Would you mind keeping an eye out on ebay, If you happen to run accross one let me know.

Anyone else?

What doe you guys think of the iPAQ 4355?