I'm buying a new PDA phone (Not that I ever had one). I have a Cell phone and a PDA, and I think it's time to consoladate. I'm looking into the following two models by Verizon and MS Windows:

Treo 700W
Audiovox PPC-6600

I find that the Treo is newer, but the PPC-6600 looks like it connects to Wireless Access Points. Now this is good right, so it doesn't waste your minutes. I'm looking for some help and input to compare the two and find wich is better.
Can ANYBODY help me PLEASE!!

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It all depends.

First off, Wifi on these things are WAY overblown. You're not going to get any really productive web work done on them. The question to ask is, "Does it have Bluetooth"?

I don't have a phone/PDA, but I use Bluetooth CONSTANTLY to transfer files back and forth, and to sync my PDA. I only use the wireless to sync with AvantGo, a mobile content provider.

If I were you, I'd get a hands-on test of each. It's going to really boil down to which do you prefer-- PocketPC OS, or Palm OS? I personally cannot effectively use PalmOS (just lack of training and usage), and LOVE Windows Mobile on the PocketPC. YMMV.

I do perfer Windows Mobile, as for the WiFi, I need it because I'm working on developing Mobile apps for work. I manage our systems in retail business, we have 5 locations and the simple apps I'm working on are .Net based, simply text and numbers, day to day sales and accounts. Nothing big. I don't want to be wasting minutes while in a WiFi Zone, like in one of our five locations. All I need is to get on-line and see the local network. What do you think?

...I'd definitely say go for the PPC model.

If you're developing mobile .NET applications, that's your best thing. Had you mentioned the .NET part initially, I'd have told you to completely look past the Treo entirely.

Are you sure you'd look past the Treo, it does run on Mobile Windows now, you know that?

Are you sure you'd look past the Treo, it does run on Mobile Windows now, you know that?


Even still, though, it doesn't have the WiFi you need.

Alrighty ... I have a lot to say about this thread. First of all, I moved it to the "Gadgets and Gizmos" forum, where PDA questions should be posted. Second of all, I just recently encounted the exact same dilemma, deciding between these two phones. I finally got the Treo 700W :) I posted a thread about this whole issue here:



Forgot there was a whole forum devoted to this. My bad! :D

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