hello all,

I have one question in my mind.
i have seen one tablet with USB 2.0 port.
I am using this in my pc after installing the device driver.
Can i use my USB modem in this tablet?
Tablet having OS Android.

Hoping for your reply.

Thank you.

For the modem to work, the device (your tablet) that connects to it would have to have the necessary software/drivers to be able to access the modem. Does this tablet have some type of dial up/modem client and supported software?

USB modems on linux use the PPP (point-to-point protocol) to create a network connection. This usually does not require any specific driver. You need to visit the modem maker's site to see how to use it with PPP on Unix/Linux/OSX. Basically, the modem looks like a modem over USB device (serial-usb). Common stuff. I've used such frequently in the past, with both a USB Sprint broadband modem, and using my Android phone as a USB broadband modem. Both worked out-of-the-box without drivers, configuration, or whatever.