hello all,

I have one question in my mind.
i have seen one tablet with USB 2.0 port.
I am using this in my pc after installing the device driver.
Can i use my USB modem in this tablet?
Tablet having OS Android.

Hoping for your reply.

Thank you.

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For the modem to work, the device (your tablet) that connects to it would have to have the necessary software/drivers to be able to access the modem. Does this tablet have some type of dial up/modem client and supported software?


USB modems on linux use the PPP (point-to-point protocol) to create a network connection. This usually does not require any specific driver. You need to visit the modem maker's site to see how to use it with PPP on Unix/Linux/OSX. Basically, the modem looks like a modem over USB device (serial-usb). Common stuff. I've used such frequently in the past, with both a USB Sprint broadband modem, and using my Android phone as a USB broadband modem. Both worked out-of-the-box without drivers, configuration, or whatever.

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