Hi everybody... I was woundering If i could upgrade my laptop's graphics...I currently have a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6100 (UMA)

Tech specs:
Laptop: Presario F700 (F730US)
Product Specifications

I really want to know what I can upgrade, I want to use better graphics so i can do some gaming.

P.S I maxed out my memory to 2GB of ram.

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don't do NVIDIA GeForce Go 230; possibly
Nvidia 8800 dual processor, 3D and blueray

Check Nvidia and you make and serial #
and request upgrade.


I am ever so sorry, but it is not possible to upgrade this laptop due to the graphics being delivered by a chip on the motherboard rather than a independant graphics card. This is often the case for laptops below the £1000 margin, even then those machines are also very restricted to upgrades. Gaming on a laptop is a very expensive hobby and you can often get MUCH more for your money if you use the same budget on a desktop. There is no reason why you couldnt then hook the desktop up to your TV and do gaming on a much grander scale.


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