my rabbit recently ate my keyboard wire, so i bought a new keyboard. btw, this is in regards to my desktop dell dimension 5150, running on windows xp os.

anyways, here's the problem: i cannot type anything at the log in screen and i can't move my mouse. i CAN however get into the bios page where the keyboard works perfectly (least i know f2,f8 and f12 work!). Also, my mouse is working fine on my dad's laptop.

i've been looking for a solution for quite some time now, but i haven't found a problem like mine yet.. was wondering if anyone could help?

the stats are: New keyboard, USB port, (And yes, the keyboard works when i plug it into other computers)

i don't have a place to plug a ps2 connector in my desktop.
my mouse works fine on other computers, but does not work on my desktop.

my computer was working fine before the rabbit-eating-my-keyboard incident, but now with the new keyboard, i can't type anything in.

lastly, because i can't type or move my mouse, i'm stuck at my login 'welcome!' screen..

haaalp pls!! >.<

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Does your mouse still work without the keyboard plugged in?
Have you tried plugging in the keyboard after windows has started?
Have you another USB keyboard to try?
Is the mouse USB aswell?

You may have to set something in BIOS, have you looked through that to see if there is anything relating the USB devices?

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hey.. thanks for the reply!
yes, they're both usb, and no, they don't work because i couldn't get into windows because i couldn't type in my password (since the keyboard doesn't respond). Also, i didn't try a different keyboard to try (cuz well, i don't have one) also because this one's new and i tested it out on other computers..

buuuuuut anyways! i solved it! :D i eventually decided to try going into safemode with networking to find my driver.. turns out that my os just refused to recognise my device until i found it.. :)

so now i'm on my desktop again! :D

(btw, how do i mark this as 'solved'?)

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