Currently we are utilizing Motorola Droid Maxx phones within our corporate environment. So far we have not had any major problems with the phones or Android OS, however with the availability of malware for the devices I am concerned with security risk. Is anyone else currently supporting Android OS within their domain? Any recommendations as far as security / antivirus software for the devices?

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All phones have security vulnerabilities. As for security risks, I think that the most robust phone OS out there is probably the new Blackberry 10 (QNX) operating system. It comes down to teaching your users safe usage of their phones - such as which apps they can install and use, keeping the system updated (enable automatic system updates), etc. This is still not a panacea, but it will help minimize the exposure your organization faces.

As a disclaimer, I am a senior systems engineer at Nokia Mobile Phones, and use Android, Windows, and Series 40 phones. I have also been a QNX developer since 1982 (I own QNX serial number 0004).

All the smartphone with OS inbuilt in it has security system in them. As far as android phones are considered then they have inbuilt security alerts in them and concerning the the version of android latest updates are also available with them.

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