Hey all,
It's me, the hyper troublesome T60 guy. For those who don't know me, I'm the guy whose Lenovo Thinkpad T60 keeps having problems. At the moment, there are two problems. The first of which, is the touchpad. With both the touchpad and the trackpoint enabled in the BIOS, neither of them work. When the touchpad is disabled, the trackpoint starts working. It goes like this pretty much:

-Touchpad+Trackpoint Enabled = No worky
-Touchpad Disabled, Trackpoint Enabled = Trackpoint Worky, Touchpad no worky
-Touchpad Enabled, Trackpoint Disabled = Neither worky
I've pretty much narrowed it down to the touchpad that doesn't work. I've attempted to reseat the cable, reset the BIOS, no change.

On the other hand, one of my RAM slots don't work. There are two DIMM slots, Slot 0 and Slot 1. All the RAM sticks are perfectly fine. If I boot the machine up with a stick in Slot 0, the machine boots fine. If there is a stick it Slot 1, the machine won't boot at all, it just beeps 1-1-1-1. If there are no sticks at all, it'll give the usual beep sequence.

Any ideas on what I should do from here? The laptop isn't under waranty anymore. I'm willing to go pretty far to get this laptop to work, I re-soldered on a new F3 fuse on 4 months ago.

The No-Worky Thinkpad T60 Guy

Shinedevil commented: This post kind of made my day :3, Anyways, even though I can't help you, you've made a clear problem and made it clear what troubleshooting options you've done so far. A ncie post. +2

Sounds like this laptop needs a visit to the factory repair depot.

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