I turned my laptop and all the lights come on but the screen is blank. I dont hear hard drive or fan sound just a click at the dvd rom. Ive reset the memory, took out the battery and pressed power button, but still the same. I have to hold power button down to switch it off. Any ideas as to what has happened.
Its a Packard Bell easynote laptop.

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What OS are you running. Take out the battery and plug in the power cord and see whether it can start up. What have you been doing with your laptop when this problem occur. have you assemble any parts lately, like adding ram or others. Post the answers to my questions in number order

Windows xp, Itook out the battery still not worked. I cant remember if i did anything i dont think i did. I didnt add any parts.

It might be an overheating issus. have you considred that

Have considered that, its a strange one especially as i cant hear the hard drive or fan turning, all the lights come that should come on but it just seems to be dead.

if does happen..just remember 2 category..what is the problem..software or hardware...if its not turn on...as usual..hardware..

The symptoms you state desmondo, shows that it is a hardware failutre. Bring your laptop and have an expert look at it. Try changing the motherboard

Hi, I totally agree to "theExpert". When system doesnot boot up or hangs up on startup screen, it indicates your hard disk is at risk or hard disk failed. Consult to expert for proper guidance.

When you freeze at startup mean your hard disk crash. Backup your data first

Just cause you can't hear fans doesn't mean the computer doesn't work. If you lappy is just hanging, I agree that it's a hardware failure. The culprit is a hard drive. I'd invest in a new laptop. I haven't seen a Packard Bell in years!

Plug in an external monitor before pressing ON button, then try it. If LCD is problem monitor will still work. Next try going into BIOS instead of booting to hard drive. If that works, hard drive could be problem. If you cant get into BIOS, your lap is fried.

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