Hi guys.

I am having issues playing HD clips on Youtube using the Chrome browser. When trying to run them the videos have a tendancy to freeze for a couple of seconds at a time and the audio is choppy. I have installed the latest version of flash player from Adobe with no success. I have even disabled Chrome's own "pepper" flash plugin as recommended from other forums/websites and still no joy. I have no such issues with either IE11 or Firefox, just Google Chrome.

Any suggestions for a possible solution would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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It probably has to do more with your computers hardware capabilities and your computers current load.

Make sure that theres nothing runing in the background that you don't need (including junk services and things like that).

A more roundabout solution is using SVP (and the associated SVPTube application that comes with the installer). When configured properly on Windows, the playback is rather amazing.

Each tab open in Chrome creates a new system process, and uses a lot of memory. This is the most common cause of such behavior as the system may have to hit the virtual memory swap space. Try closing other tabs or add more memory to your system.

FWIW, I switched back to Mozilla (Firefox) because of this issue.

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