I accidentally deleted some important files. How can I recover them. I am using Tosiba computer.

Thanks in advances.

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I take it they're not still in the recycle bin, eh? (Wishful thinking)

I can't really suggest any software, but I would suggest to you to IMMEDIATELY STOP using your computer!

When you delete files, they don't actually leave the hard drive. Instead, the pointers to where they are in memory gets deleted, freeing up the space. Recovery software is able to restore pointers to data that is floating around in the hard drive with no address. That's all said and good, but in the meantime, the space is now freed up for new files. This means every second you use your computer, manipulating files, there is a potential for new files to overwrite the deleted files, making them unrecoverable.

Well, I am not aware about any free tool that can do whole the recovery thing for you rather than yes there are some recovery tools like Dr. Recovery .. which you can used to recover some of the files in their trial mode !

Try a tool that's on a bootable drive/CD, less chance of overwriting the old files since it won't use the hard drive. There are plenty of linux options, but if you'd rather have something similar to windows you could try UBCD4win (follow instructions and burn using a different computer, then insert and run on your laptop).

It's similar to windows XP in look and feel and by default it has a couple of undelete/recovery tools available in its toolbox. It's not the most recent of tools, but it's fairly straightforward.

I think you should not continue to use your computer. Your deleted files will be overwritten.

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Waiting for the best software too.

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