I'm going to buy a new smart phone. And since I didn't know much about this tech. Would you give me some recommendations.
I'm looking for a smart phone with affordable price, nice camera. I would like the one that I can watch and download films, movies. And it should be easy for me to draft email, etc.

I don't know why you got a -1 already but I have yet to find run of the mill Android phones to be any different as to what you asked about films, movies and draft emails.

That said, the office plunked a 89USD Bluboo Picasso on my desk for testing. It's not bad for the price. 2GB RAM, 16GB internal space and you can find the rest of the specs. For me this beats my minimums for Android affordable phones (1GB RAM, 8GB internal) so with that I'm upping my standards to 2GB RAM and 16GB minimum.