Hi everyone,

How are you? Starting some thread after long time :)

Actually, I have a group of 25 people. I have 20-25 mobile devices in my group. So, I have assigned 1-2 device on each person's name(as an owner). But, people in the group ask each other for the device for some help and promise to return it too. They may need specific device for some work which is a genuine thing. But, they forget to return it & person who gave has to ask on emails or each person where his/her device is.

Asking on emails is very cumbersome. It is a like a spam everyday. people are asking where my XYZ device, if someone has please return etc.
Also, it delays the work which the person has to do using that device.
Also, it gives birth to a frusrattion too which is not good for a group.

What I want:
There should be some mechanism in which we have a list of all the devices & the curent person name with whom that device is right now.

possible solutions:

  • Have an excel sheet which the person who takes the device should update. No! People don't take that much pain.
  • Have an excel sheet & person who is giving the device should update. No! it will be too much work for him/her. Everyone is asking for some device & updating like this will be an overhead for the complete team.

As we all might have faced this type of issue in every group similar to this. What's ur take? What initiative can I take to solve this for the grouo & ease this thing? Technology can do anything today, isn't it? ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Can you set up user accounts on each device for each person in the group, then have the devices automatically update a spreadsheet with who was the last person to log in to the device?

Alternatively, have a central location for all devices, where they must be placed when not in use and then have the excel spread sheet always available at the same location so people have to sign-out each device when they remove it? - that way if they already have a device out it is convienent to return the device whenever they need a new device. Plus no body has to ask where the device is as they just look in the central location and if not there check the spreadsheet that is there to ID who should have it. Course there will have to be some kind of repercussion for not returning devices when they are done or trading directly with other group members.

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