I've been facing this issue since today, whereby my TwinMOS Micro SD HC Card is not being detected by my Samsung phone, and when placed in the adapter and inserted on PC, again the latter is not detecting it at all, although in the Device Manager I can see my adapter being recognised.

I've tried Google, but the supposed methods shown, like using EaseUS Recovery software and others are not working in my case as am not able to see the card as a USB drive.

Any other methods to deal with this would be most welcome, as I have all photos and other important files on the Micro SD Card.

Thanks in advance.

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Usually a sign of a dead card. There are now numerous pages about this on the web so it's unlikely there is any new ways to get what you didn't backup back short of recovery houses. But do try this in other PCs and especially ones that run Linux.

Once in a while a client/person will push back against this advice and all I can say is they are not helping themselves (in respect to trying and no backups.)

-> Face it folk. We only lose what we don't backup.

Tried the linux option as well, but still micro sd was not detected at all in the adapter. Looks like it's dead for sure now, no way to recover anything... :(

commented: Sad but usually what happens. +15

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