Hi there I am new to all this and hope that someone out there can help me PLEASE!. I have been using a 1GB flash drive for about 3 months with no problems at all. Suddenly two days ago my computer does not even display that the flash drive is connected. I use this flash for work and have not backed it up anywhere. I have tried the flash drive on other computers and they also don't pick up that the flash drive is connected. Can anybody pls help with either making the computer see the flash or even how I can just access/copy the info on the flash. :'(

woow.You have a problem there.Uhmm i dunno how u can acess ur flash drive when it doesnt even open it.But do u remember that u might have done smth that could damaged ur flash.cuz i had problem with my usb too,it felt on water but i grabbed it.It didnt work for a time,But after 2 days started worknig normally again.And all the material was there.Hope i helped u someway.:)

Hi there

Thanks for replying. I have managed to get the flash drive to work. It also did not work for a few days, but I fiddled with the thing and now it is working perfectly. I have however taken all the info of it (just in case). The flash was not damaged in any way at all. It just stopped working overnight. On day it worked and the next day it would not work at all (computer would not even recognise that it was plugged in).

Anyhow - these are gadgets that will break so I have just made various copies of the information that was on the flash.

Once again thanks a stack and chat soon.

:) :icon_smile: