Hello guys..

my laptop always show this error error when i turn on.
"Cmos checksum error default configuration used"

i thought it is just a cmos battery so i changed it with new cmos battery
but the problem still the same..

does anyone of u know the solution for this error...


Have you tried updating the BIOS firmware? If the problem persists after doing so you might as well contact Dell about this because it's not a common problem.

hi thnx for the reply.. i did not try it yet. can u tell me the procedure of updating the firmware sir?.. thnk you

I could not find the product page of the "pp03s" on the dell website so you'll have to figure that one out yourself. To be honest, i've never updated a Dell BIOS before but the process is something like placing the .bin file with the update software on a disk and boot from it. Search the dell website or google for "dell bios update pp03s" and it might help you out.

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