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I just got a new 2nd gen 2GB iPod nano. I have iTunes 7.0.2 installed and the latest iPod software (1.1.1). I have synced my iTunes library to my iPod as well as 4 podcasts. What I'm trying to do is delete all 4 podcasts.

When the podcasts were synced to my iPod they were unplayed and came up in a podcast menu on my iPod and in the Podcasts section of my iPod on the sources pane. I have played them all and they have gone away from the Podcasts menu on my iPod itself as well as the Podcasts section in my iPod on the sources pane. So both sections have completey gone.

What I have tried is manually managing music, but with no luck.

So if your confused, what's pretty much happened is I can play the podcasts on my iPod but they arn't in the Podcasts menu entry, their being treated like a song. And when I have connected my iPod to my computer (USB 2.0 recently installed), I don't have access to my Podcasts stored on my iPod at all. So I just need to get access to the Podcasts section of my iPod in the sources pane on iTunes. I'm running Windows XP Home SP2. I recently installed a USB 2.0 PCI card and the iPod is connected to it via a USB 2.0 hi-speed hub.

By the way I would like this problem fixed without resetting/restoring/reformatting/updating software or in any way having to get rid of all my songs. I have also searched Apple's support site, these forums and have done a Google search.

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This isn't really a major problem. But you can go to where your itunes library is (just have alook round my docs) and you will find all the stuff there that you have downloaded of the itunes music store. Just delete it. Then resync your ipod and it should disapear. If that doesn't work you can go to the itunesipod summary page and select format or reset ipod and this will basically let you start again. Then make sure that you can't see the podcasts in your library and sync again.

Hope this helps

Ya, what I did try is deleting the subscription of the podcasts that were on my iPod, then resyncing my iPod. Then they went away - but even with the option to sync podcasts off the new podcasts I've downloaded still get synced and the iPod think's there songs so I might just forget about using iTunes for podcasts and use Juice or somthing instead.

k i got the same i pod n whats wrong is its my friends she gave it to me she moved. theres the podcast on it and i cant get them off. how would i delete these i have sync the i pod sevreal times but there still there my song got put on n hers erased i happy about that i just want the podcast GONE there taking up to much room. HELP!

Try alt-delete:


Re: Smart playlist "method": That doesn't delete the podcast from the ipod, it only deletes it from the playlist. When the ipod is disconnected,the podcasts are still there.

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