I just baught a toshiba E750 new with Windows 2003 and for £115. is this a good deal. I know it got bad reviews and is a bit old now but I find it a solid PDA. But many are calling for an SE upgrade. What benefits would 2003 SE give me?

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ive got a dell x30 high, and it has 2003 se. Basically there a few differnces, one being something i use a lot. It is that it natively supports screen rotation, so you can view it sideways for webpages you are looking at on the web at coffee shops and what not. It also has support for vga screens, and there is a section in the start menu that shows frequently used applications. It also has an updated internet explorer that makes webpages fit onto the screen much better by forcing them into a column. Also with the wireless, it has support for wpa secure networks.

If you want a real big difference, you will need mobile 2005 and a pda to support it.


Theres already a frewuently used apps and help button expcept the frequnt apps go horisontally

I probably dont need that. I only rotate with mobipockety which has its own thing and I have an expander thingy to link my pda up to a 800x600 PC monitor so VGA isnt abig issue. Also, my router is old (no wpa)

A better IE would be good tho. Will not having SE mean I cant use new GPS stuff (would like to get it for my 1st car)?


yeah, all of the features se added were already available with 3rd party addons. se just made them built into the os. nothing big, but a little improvement.

im not sure about the gps, you will have to look at the package for it. my guess is you will be fine.

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