Here's an idea for an iPhone app project with a guaranteed user base: Build a tool for adjusting the display's color temperature. It's not officially possible, according to Apple, but don't let that stop you-- there's evidence that it can in fact be done.

Because the day you purchased your new iPhone 3G, you were running an outdated version of the operating system. And after updating (to v.5A347), you might notice that the screen color will be slightly less yellow, but still not as starkly white as the original iPhone. That is actually by design, marketing director Bob Borchers was reported to have said. Apple "moved the white point in order to make [the display] feel more natural," was the quote.

I don't have an iPhone myself, but from what I've read, the update is performed by plugging your iPhone into your computer, running a backup and then restoring again. You'll lose all your contacts in the proces--according to with calendar items, photos and other data, as well as any third-party apps you may have installed. So it's probably best to do this right away. However, data such as notes, messages, call history and settings you may have backed up prior to this operation will be restored, the article said.

Even though I'm a devout Treo user, I'm tempted to make iPhone my next communicator. There are two main facts holding me back. One is the lack of a keyboard. I suppose I could get used to the all-screen input, but lacking the tactile feel ofcertain functions is a serious downer. For instance, when I'm using my Treo as a music player in the car, I can adjust the volume and navigate tracks without looking away from the road. The second is the price--of the device and the service committment. Of the former, the iPhone 3G divides that problem by two. But it'll be a while yet until I can pay US$100 a year for iPhone service as I do with Tmobile.

You can get used the touch screen fairly quickly.

What bothers me is there is no external keyboard available for it yet. For some reason, Apple won't develop a driver for a third party blue tooth, collapsible keyboard. I'm sure it's because Apple is convinced that touching the screen is so simple, you don't need a keyboard, but for those of us who write things longer than a text message or an email, a keyboard would be nice.