Since everyone else is speculating like mad about Apple's plans following their warning on profuts due to a product transition, I thought I might as well have a go. I'm doing it with a difference, though; this isn't what I think will happen, it's what I want to happen.

1. A less expensive, better connected MacBook Air. Come on you guys, you know you can make this better. It's a perfect looking machine that connects to next to nothing. Either find it an application or connect it to more stuff.

2. Larger capacity on the iPod Touch. This will almost certainly happen - they're unlikely to produce something with less capacity, after all.

3. Touchscreen computing. If it isn't deliverable now (although looking at the iPhone I'd wonder why not) then it better had be soon. How about something that's like an iPod Touch with a big screen? Make it cheap enough so we can have an Internet screen we can just pick up when we want to look something up rather than having to boot up a computer every time.

4. MobileMe that works first time rather than tells me I have no contacts or appointments when the website is full of both.

5. A deal with one of the cable or satellite companies so that the Apple TV can become a PVR as well as a download-and-Wifi box. I have one under my TV and it's a lovely thing, but it needs to do more for the mass market to accept it. PVR is, in my view, the way it needs to go so it can come in less expensive than a Media PC but offer loads more than it does at the moment. A DVD writer built in would be good.

That would do me...