I am trying to find a way to create an un-deletable partition/content on a USB pen drive.
Basically my client wants to give customers a pen drive as a welcome gift with some multimedia and document content already recorded on a partition of the drive. The rest of the drives capacity would be for the customer to use as normal. Is there a software or method I can use to prevent erasure of this content?

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I'm going to say that's not possible what you may try is creating a folder with read only rights and hope they aren't smart enought to go into security permissions take ownership of the folder and change the permissions


I was wondering if there was a hack for the u3 cause they come with what you are talking about. Let us know how you make out


Hi there.

I'm wanting to do the exact same. Want to put media on a flasdrive and hand to customers but want the media that I put on the drive to be undeleteable.

The link supplied in previous replies doesn't open .

Any advice plz

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