hi all.
i have built a few compters in my time but im no expert.
i just bought a new case for my current pc.last night i started the transplant,i pluged everything in as i normally do but this time when i went to start it ,the hdd and cdrom wont boot.the strange thing is that when i unplug the hdd and cdrom data cable from the mobo they both power up fine.so i plug them back in and same issue.they wont power up pluged in the motherboard.my only thought is that ive damaged the mobo in the transplant.but before i go buy another one id like to get advice as to some thing else i might have over looked.

any advice is welcome :sad:

is there any metal piece touching the motherboard to the back of the case?

is there any metal piece touching the motherboard to the back of the case?

hi thanks for your post.ive just tried taking the motherboard out of the case,still no luck.it doesnt even post.

Here's my list, sir:

1.) Heatsink is properly attached, therefore fully capable of distributing processor heat.
2.) RAM is a known stable stick. (Always troubleshoot with one stick at a time.)
3.) Something is shorting your motherboard. Screws and other small metallicy stuffs can fall between motherboard and case, creating many an electrical issue. Heatsinks are known to short boards. (Drastic measures involve removing board and components from case, laying on carpet/foam to test the shorting possiblity.)
4.) Your motherboard is fried and corrupt due to prior power issues--look for bulging capacitors or burnt plastic around the power connectors. (Many dead motherboards, however, are not apparently dead and need to be tested through this checklist to find defect.)
5.) Your motherboard is not currently receiving proper power, resulting in random boots and no bootup at all. (Many computers as of today should have 300watt-350watt minimum power supplies to avoid lack of juice. Antec = well approved manufacturer.)
5.) Monitors are rarely the problem, but it's always good to test a machine on another monitor to ensure results.
6.) A peripheral can cause the issue: Take out anything that doesn't produce your video. (Naturally, video cards can die, so you'll need another working machine to test these devices in before pronouncing dead.)
7.) Easy; make sure everything is connected nicely.

It's raw, but these are all the issues I've encountered that produce dead boxes.