This is incredible. In the UK, police are worried that criminals can use mobile devices to wipe a corporate network if they know what they're doing

Well, OK, I understand the concept. Same as I understand the threat to internal network security when someone can walk into their workplace with 160 gigabytes of storage that will kind of work through a USB connection whilst claiming it's only their music player. I truly understand how the risk arises.

What I don't understand is how the police in my country - if the timing of this report is right - have only just realised this. Is it just me or couldn't this be done by just about any USB-sensitive smartphone? I have no idea whether someone has worked out how to do it through a Nokia or Sony Ericsson, but if anything's transferring data to a PC on a network using a mobile device then surely the chance to put something illegal in there has been around for some time?

Probably just me, no doubt someone will be along to explain what I'm missing in a minute...over to you guys.

Not just you, Guy. USB devices have been recognized as a possible threat for years. That the UK authorities are only just getting the memo is a bit puzzling to say the least. There are devices that sniff the networks for unusual activities on USB ports. It's not exactly new or unsolvable. Lots of companies have been working on this.

Expect to see proposed new laws and regulations restricting or outright banning such devices to be introduced shortly.
This is just laying the groundwork to get such things accepted by the people who've been so bludgeoned into wanting total "security" from everything they'll by now accept anything if it's explained to them as being "for your own good".