Following my colleague's excellent blog yesterday about what Apple should produce in January one rumour appears to be gaining increasing amount of ground - that there will be an iPhone Nano within weeks. The reason this apparently makes sense is that someone is making a case for it and there's no way they'd be dumb enough to do so in the absence of any product.

Well, kind of. But looking at the picture on the piece I'll reference at the end of this entry, one thing becomes apparent; it's an older-style Nano, not the current version, for which they're making the case.

This is where I have to level with you a little; I really, really hated that version of the Nano. It looked like half an iPod, it didn't have any of the friendly features or easy to use interface the current version of the Nano has (it's easier to hold, it looks like a proper player, no wonder they updated it so quickly). All of these features become worse when you start trying to use the form as a phone. The microphone won't reach your mouth, or the earpiece won't reach your ear (I'm easy as to which).

The iPod Nano Phone is coming, it says here on RumourMill and they have a picture of a case which does add weight to the idea. I already have one of the 3G models based on the iPod Touch - but frankly, even if I didn't, I wouldn't be buying one of these.