I have a dell Latitude Csx. I came to know that ethernet card is necesary for connecting to LAN. I checked my laptop but it does not seem to contain ethernet card. someone told me that RJ-45 and other ports haveto be there if ethernet card is present. All i can see is a detachable 56.6 kbps modem card. Is it possible to install ethernet card on this laptop only as i dont want to buy a new one just because of a card. Also , is it possible that my modem and ethernet card are integrated??

Thanking you
Prakhar Prakash

Some cards have both ethernet and a dial-up modem on them - there will be a separate connection for each.

Yes, you can buy a network/ethernet card. Take your laptop into the local store, ask and they should be able to provide.

You mean that there will be two ports on my card?? But that is not so. I have only one port on my card which i use it for connecting to internet via phone. So i have to get a new card, i suppose. I inquired a bit more and found out that i need PCMCIA card for laptop and PCI card for a desktop . Am i right ?? Will a PCMCIA card act as both a modem and a ethernet card ?? Is it necessary that only Dell card will fit or any other brand will do ?
Prakhar Prakash

Any brand should do. Whether or not it acts as two devices in one depends on what model you buy.

Regardless, bring in your laptop or provide the model number to your local store and obtain a guarantee that the card you buy will work.

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