File under strange but true, it would appear that 24 year old musician Gary Baker, better known as singer and songwriter Gary Go, is to play Wembley Stadium with his iPhone as musical accompaniment. As the supporting act on the Take That tour, Gary Go will be on stage on the 1st, 4th and 5th of July at Wembley. I guess he will not be requiring the usual entourage of sound guys, roadies and the like. Just a case to carry his iPhone in and possibly a mains charger lead or two.

In what is being billed as the first mobile phone gig at Wembley, we understand that this will also be the biggest iPhone supported musical gig anywhere in the world so far in terms of venue and audience size. That said, we also understand that the entire concert will not be an iPhone only affair, with a full supporting band playing live for part of his set.

Gary Go has already made good use of the iPhone in his recording career. According to This is London Go has "written several tracks for his first album using software downloaded to the phone" and "used it to recreate guitars, drums, piano and horn sections." Indeed, we understand that all of the demos for the album were actually done via a virtual recording studio installed on the iPhone. Go says "it's pretty amazing that I'm going to be using a mobile phone on stage at Wembley Stadium" although he admits that his "biggest worry is that my phone will ring mid-song."