Ok.. So im still new to the computer world so be kind..Ive been looking into computer case mods.. And i am interested in making some modifications. Like a way cooler case than my current black shell.. I need to know that my mother board will fit into most cases ive been looking at.. They all say they fit standard atx boards.. I opened my case and looked at my mother board and i find no sign of atx written anywhere.. the only words that are real visible are pci express ht 200 serial ata.. My computer isnt even a year old.. its an emachines. which is not top of the line but i did make some good upgrades.. I installed a second hard drive..upgraded the memory and installed ubuntu and got rid of vista.. I run virtual box when i need to mess with windows.. But i wanna make this thing look boss. What is standard atx? Do i have one? please help me in my quest for a cool looking pc.. thanks

ATX is the screw patern/ size /Power specifications for standard motherboards. There are also micro ATX boards that fit the same cases but are shorter (probably not relevant to you).

Virtual all motherboards use the ATX standard, but I know that some of the larger manufacturers used to use their own proprietary boards (and some might still do it). The problem is that if you have a non ATX motherboard you would never be able to put it into a case that wasn't released by Emachines.

I have three suggestions for finding out if your case is ATX or not:

Google something along the lines of "model number + motherboard replacement"

Go onto emachines website and look at your systems detailed specs, see if it says ATX or microatx anywhere (if your system has 2-3 PCI slots it's probably MicroATX, more than 3 has to be Standard ATX)

Find another case, any case, and see if your board will fit in it. If it will fit into another computer that's not emachines and the power supply works properly, it's ATX.

i have a pc with mercurry 810e mother board, 128mb ram and 20 gb hdd but right now display not coming, and no beep sound, but my ram is tested ok and smps supply power to mother board is ok because CPU fan running but display not comming . what should i do in this position.

I think it would be the mobo that is your problem. SOunds like a very old system to me with 128mb ram and 20gb hard disk. It most likely is the mobo as i dont think you would have any graphics card. Also worth while to check is the monitor, may be that is the problem.

Good luck


Coolraj is spot on, although a lot of older systems do have video-cards, just not good ones (by todays standards). I'd suggest either posting or browsing the "diagnosing dead systems" section. Putting a post in the right section always helps get better results, and this is an older post that probably wont get a lot of attention anyway.